Enviromental Policy

To reduce our effects on the environment, Merthyr Self Storage aims to maintain the following:

  • Light fittings feature high frequency or electronic control gear and use LED or low energy lamps.
  • External / security lighting is fitted with ambient light level sensors to ensure it is only activated when dark.
  • All company vehicles are diesel powered and are all chosen for their low CO2 outputs.
  • All waste paper, used cartons, packing materials and unwanted printing matter are collected and re-cycled.
  • We ask all customers, that any used/ unwanted cartons or packaging materials can be returned to us at Merthyr Self Storage so it can be recycled.
  • Wooden pallets are collected and sent away for re-use/ re-cycling.
  • Any used/ unwanted furniture can be re-cycled through us.
  • Used electrical bulbs/ lamps are collected and re-cycled.
  • Minimal waste is sent to landfill.
  • Packaging boxes and other corrugated packaging materials supplied by Merthyr Self Storage are sourced in environmentally friendly cardboard.
  • IT and office equipment is switched off at night when not in use.